Firearms Training Central was proud to host Defense Techniques Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado on the last weekend of April, 2018. We spent two days building our defensive carbine skills from the ground up.

Firearms Training Central is working in partnership with Civilian Gunfighter and we have posted a full report on the class on their blog.

This course is a combination of Defense Technique Academy’s Defensive Carbine 1, 2, and 3 courses. We had 7 students in the class, all experienced shooters but all first time carbine course students. The skill level of the students, particularly around basic firearms safety, helped moved the class through the first phase quickly. Pete led the students through the safety brief, range brief, a quick summary of what the class would be covering, as well as the mission of the company. I’ll say early on that Pete and Carlos are lock step with each other in their commitment to their students. Throughout the class, any time a mistake was being made, it was called out and corrected for the benefit of the student and for the rest of the class.

To find out more about Defense Techniques Academy, you can visit their website.  They conduct classes in New York, Texas, New Hampshire, Virginia and are based in Arizona.

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