Once you have paid for your package and created your listing, you can add upcoming classes to our Event Calendar.  Just follow our step by step guide below.

Step 1:

While logged into your account, move your mouse up to your user profile in the top right corner of the screen.  Click on “Your Listings

Step 2:

This will bring you to a table that shows you your listings.  Most likely you will only have one listing.  But if you have multiple listings, make sure you click on the correct listing for which you are adding your Event.  You will click on “Edit”.


Step 3:

You will see a page with 2 tabs, one titled “Listing” and one titled “Events”.  Click on the “Events” tab.

Step 4:

You will see a new table that displays your events.  To add a new event, click on “Add new event”

Step 5:

This will create a popup within the page.  Here you will add all relevant details for the class.

  • Name: The name of the class
  • Location: Address, or City and State if you don’t wish to advertise the specific address
  • Description: Class Description and any specific contact information you’d like to add, including phone number and/or email address.  If you prefer to direct students back to your website to book the class, be sure to explain this clearly in the Description and include a direct link to your class.
  • Booking Space: How many people can sign up through the site
  • Tags: These tags help people search for classes
  • Accept Payment Method: You can select as many as you’d like.  There is a separate How To for adding your Paypal and Stripe account information.  If you’d prefer to accept payment at the class, you can select COD.
  • Upload Image: This allows you to add an image to your event.  This is highly recommended as it captures more attention.

Once you have finished filling out the details, click on “Submit”.


Step 6:

Your class should now be published and you will be redirected back to your “Events” tab on your profile.  From here you can Edit or Delete your event.  At the right end of the table, you can see how many spots are still available.


Step 7:

If you click on “Event List” on the top Menu Bar, you can see the Event page, including your event. These events are ordered by date, so your event may not display first on the list.

Step 8:

Finally, you will now see a calendar displayed on your listing which will display upcoming classes.  Clicking on the class will take you to the Event page for that specific class.