Once you have created an Instructor Account and a Listing, you may want set up credit card payments for your FTC account so that you can accept payment for classes that you post to our Event Page.  This creates a convenient way for students to sign up for your classes directly on our site.  Firearms Training Central does not charge a separate fee for this service.  At this time, the credit card processing service we are using on our site is Stripe.com.  Setting up an account is free, and Stripe charges a 3% fee on transactions.

If you plan to use this service, you will first need to go to Stripe.com and set up an account.  After you have completed the account setup, follow the step by step instructions below to link your Stripe account to your Firearms Training Central account.

Step 1:

Login in to your Stripe Account, and click on the link “API” on the left sidebar.

Step 2:

Click on “Create standard key”.  The site should prompt you for the necessary steps to create the key.  Once it’s created, there will be 2 keys, a Publishable Key and a Secret Key.  Note these keys because you will enter them into your FTC account page soon.

Step 3:

On the menu bar of FirearmsTrainingCentral.com, move your mouse over your profile and then click on “Edit Profile”.

Step 4:

Click on “Edit your password and account details”.


Step 5:

Scroll down to “Payment Information”.  This is where you will need to enter the 2 keys that were generated in your Stripe account.


Step 6:

When you have completed this, scroll down and click on “Save changes”. You may be prompted to enter your password in order to make this change. If you are, make sure you only enter your current password, not the “Change Password” fields.


Step 7:

You will now be able to enable PayPal as a payment option when you are adding classes to the Event page.