FTC Sits Down With – Aquil Bey of Tailored Defense Training Group To Discuss Firearms and Self Defense Training

After struggling through some unreasonable technical difficulties, I was able to sit down for an interview with Aquil Bey, owner and operator of Tailored Defense Training Group out of Baltimore, Maryland.

Mr. Bey is a retired U.S. Army Green Beret with multiple instructor ratings through the NRA, as well as an NRA Training Counselor, a member of National Law Enforcement Firearms Association, American Society for Industrial Security and Law enforcement firearms instructor.

Aquil’s humble and no nonsense approach to training naturally draws you into his mindset and perspective.  His focus is on improving the skills and abilities of each individual student without focusing on himself.  I spoke to him about what motivates him as an instructor, what he recommends students look for in an instructor, and what kind of mindset students should approach their training with.

Mr. Bey trains mostly in the Baltimore area but does travel to Tennessee on occasion to train with colleagues in the industry.

This is the first of hopefully a few interviews with Mr. Bey.  I look forward to picking his brain more in the future.

You can find Aquil on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or at his website, TailoredDefense.com.

Please enjoy the interview that Aquil was gracious enough to grant us. If you have any comments or questions feel free to post them up below and we would love to answer them. If you are in the Baltimore area, check out Tailored Defense Training Group for your self defense and firearms training needs!

  1. Aquil Bey of Tailored Defense Training Group is a talented, experienced, and thorough instructor. We had the exciting privilege of attending his instructor courses for certification in rifle as well as pistol. His defensive carbine instruction was the best. It is great to see him here!

    1. Thank you for your comment Suzie! We appreciate your feedback on Aquil Bey of Tailored Defense Training Group.

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