In any fight, usually the most aggressive party wins.  We have the advantage in this country politically.  But we do not help ourselves by sitting back and enjoying the advantage.  We need to push harder.  This video explains the absolute best way to do it.

Gear doesn’t improve your shooting without you being a good shooter in the first place.  Invest in your skills first, then match your gear to your actual needs and not just what looks cool on Instagram.  Buying gear without knowing your true needs is just wasting money.

There are known unknowns, and there are unknown unknowns.  And the unknown unknowns are the really exciting parts of firearms knowledge and skills.  But you won’t know unless you get off your butt and start taking some training classes.  Youtube is not a surrogate for quality training.

The easiest way to get motivated about taking firearms training classes is to take one.  More than likely you will be planning your next class before the first one is even over.  Gaining knowledge and skill is addicting.  It shows you what your potential is.  Potential is a very exciting thing, especially when it leads…