Chris Fry of MDTS is a thinker.  Consequently, his blog articles are developed thoughtfully and with the student in mind.  The way Chris breaks down a Home Defense plan is a great place to start for anyone who cares about their safety in their home.

It’s easy to write these type of crimes off as being something that, “Doesn’t happen here” or “Won’t happen to me”. This kind of denial causes home owners to be reactive, panicked and too late when violent criminals gain access to a home via deception or force. It’s also easy and common to say things like, “If someone comes in my home I’ll just shoot them”. Statements like this show a level of willingness to defend but demonstrate ignorance of all that a home defense situation entails. Consider an educated approach to home defense that not only defends you and your family physically but legally and emotionally as well.

MDTS Training Chris FryTake 15 minutes to carefully read his article and then before you do anything, take some steps to apply the practical steps as well as the principles behind those steps.

Chris teaches in New York state.  You can find his training schedule HERE.

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