13 Jul

1 Day AdvancedMarksmanship

Cortlandt Manor, NY, USA

July 13, 2019 - July 13, 2019

9:30am - 4:30pm



This class will start off with diagnostic drills and progress to more difficult courses of fire. Along the way, we will visit drills that were designed to strengthen your weaknesses. Trigger control is King and we will definitely explore that, but there are other pieces to the puzzle in mastering the ability to shoot your handgun within its full accuracy potential. You will definitely be challenged. A good portion of the class will be shot at 25 yards and further (range dependent). Everyone has their own idea of what "advanced" means and what they think their own skill level is.  This class will not only challenge you, but show you how to master marksmanship with a pistol. Challenging courses of fire are fun and important, but more important, is learning to achieve a higher proficiency level with your pistol or maintaining that proficiency once you have obtained it. This class will help you do both.


  • Serviceable semi-automatic pistol of at least 9MM caliber

  • 400 rounds of quality ammunition

  • Quality belt mounted or duty holster (no crossdraw, shoulder, ankle or SERPA holsters - armed professionals issued a serpa will be the exception)

  • 2 magazines & a magazine carrier

  • 10 Dummy Rounds

  • Wrap around eye protection

  • Ear protection

  • A good attitude




  • Sunblock

  • Baseball style hat

  • Water

  • Note taking materials

  • Lunch / Snacks



15 Out of 15


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