17 Mar

1 Day First Responder Trauma Course

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

March 17, 2018

9:00am - 5:00pm

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This introductory emergency medical course is intended for individuals without prior medical experience to treat wounds that are common in defensive encounters. Through both lecture and scenario-based training, students will gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to react to, assess, and treat gun shot wounds, stabbing, and other life threatening injuries.

During this class we will introduce and explore:

  • Physiological Response to Combat & Stress
  • Basic Anatomy and Location of Major Arteries
  • Identifying and Treating the Different Types of Bleeding
  • Moving an injured body with Litter, Drags and Carries
  • Treating a Compromised Airway
  • Treating Gun Shot and Knife Wounds
  • Hemostatic Agents and Wound packing
  • Constructing your Personal IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

Upon completion of the course participants will:

  • Understand the immediate steps for hemorrhage control
  • Demonstrate the appropriate application of a tourniquet to the arm and leg.
  • Describe the progressive strategy for controlling hemorrhage.
  • Describe appropriate airway control techniques and devices.
  • Demonstrate the correct application of a topical hemostatic dressing (combat gauze).
  • Recognize the tactically relevant indicators of shock.


  • Note taking material
  • Water and sac lunch

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