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13 Apr

Advanced Concealed Carry 3 – Bunnlevel North Carolina

Bunnlevel, NC, USA

April 13, 2019 - April 13, 2019

10:00am - 5:00pm

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Advanced Concealed Carry Course Level 3

Raidon Tactics Advanced Concealed Carry course 3 is a follow-on course for the student that has completed the ACC 1 and 2  and is seeking more in-depth training

The course starts on the range with a review of all the previous shooting tasks and goes into the use of cover from different non-standard positions and levels. Using Barricades of different heights and dimensions, shooting from standing to kneeling and prone positions in conjunction with Barricades and caver. From here the course develops the skills needed for using a vehicle as cover and what works and what does not work. the student will engage targets from inside the vehicle, thru the windshields and bailouts from vehicles are also conducted. this is a physically demanding portion of the three-day course. Come prepared to shoot move and communicate like no other course has allowed in the past.  Each student will then move as a member of a team for bailouts from vehicles and shoot while moving setting up firing positions to cover others in the team.

Skills Taught:

  • Use of cover
  • Use of cover from inside vehicles
  • Use of cover from outside a vehicle
  • Firing from inside a vehicle
  • Firing from under and beside a vehicle
  • Bailouts
  • Non-standard shooting positions
  • Counter Hijacking technics

Course Requirements:
Concealed Holster
3 magazines
Magazine pouch
Weather dependent clothing (good shoes)
Eye protection
Hearing protection
500 rds of ammo

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