28 Apr

Basic Defensive Pistol Tactics Course

Cochran, GA, USA

April 28, 2018 - April 28, 2018

1:00pm - 5:00pm


Course Goal: To Teach the Basic Knowledge, Skills and Attitude Necessary


for Owning and Using a Pistol Safely for the Purpose of Self Protection and

Protection of Others.


Basic DPT is the Platform for the Next Advance Course DPT 101


Course Description


A- In General (Basic DPT is a Plus or Minus 4___Hour Course)


a-This Course is Designed to Teach you the Basic Knowledge Required to Operate your Firearm Safely, how to Load and Unload, Tactical and Emergency loading along with the Proper Procedures of Firing, using the Different Types of Aiming Platforms. It will also Teach you how to Improve your Skills in using your Firearm for Self Protection along with the Right Attitudes.


B- Subjects Covered


a- Basic Safety Rules


b- Sighting the Handgun (Flash Aim, Center Aim, vs 6 o'clock aim, & Point Aim)


e- Dry Firing (Practice Drawing, Snap Caps, Mags, & Blind Aim Drill)


f- Ammunition Components & Different Available Types


g-Basic Hostage Recovery Capabilities


j- Drawing from Concealment


k-What to do After the Attack.


l- Shooting at multiple targets


m- Dealing with Malfunctions


n- Much more

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