Rancho Cucamonga California Tactical gun firearms training classes

16 Nov

Basic Handgun

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

November 16, 2019

8:00am - 4:00pm


Basic Shooting and Handgun Safety Training Class

The Basic Handgun class is designed for those interested in gaining a basic working knowledge of firearms, firearm safety, and shooting fundamentals. The Basic Courses are for First-time shooters, those considering a handgun purchase; those with an interest in improving their shooting skills and those that are simply wiping the dust off firearms that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Note: Anyone taking the Basic Handgun course should wait to purchase a handgun until after the course. Although we do not sell guns, we educate the prospective buyer on what is available, the differences between them, and how to tell if one is a good “fit” for you and your needs. Our goal is the keep you from being at the mercy of anyone across a counter from you in a gun store.

The Basic Handgun class – is a basic class for those who need to learn (and that’s just about everybody – they don’t teach it on TV):

  • basic handgun safety
  • the mechanical operation of the firearm they wish to use
  • how to identify the proper ammunition for your firearm
  • basic shooting skills
  • how to clean your firearm
  • proper storage
  • handgun fit
  • California firearms laws
  • Using a firearm for self-defense, and
  • a lot more.

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