Colorado Springs firearms tactical gun training

25 Jan

Carjack Defense

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

January 25, 2020

9:00am - 5:00pm



Course Description:  The vehicle counter ambush course teaches the student how to effectively defend themselves in and around a vehicle using a handgun. This course includes not only shooting from a vehicle, but places the student in situations that require quick decision making and appropriate responses. Due to the nature of the course, students must have attended at least one handgun course OR provide proof of training through a reputable trainer.


Course training topics:

  • Vehicle hardpoints
  • Using vehicle as concealment / limited cover
  • Threat response scenarios
  • Shooting from inside a vehicle – driver and passenger side
  • Clearing seatbelts
  • Exiting properly
  • Moving to more appropriate cover


Other Information:


  • Daily Carry Pistol
  • 250 rounds (or more) required for the course.
  • GOOD fitting holster in daily carry configuration
  • Appropriate dress – we train as we fight, cold weather gear is a must in winter months.
  • At least 3 magazines (if using low capacity, 4 or more).

Kenaz Tactical

Robert Butler


10 Out of 10


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