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29 Jun

Concealed Weapon Permit – Easley, South Carolina

Easley, SC, USA

June 29, 2019 - June 29, 2019

9:00am - 3:00pm

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Concealed Weapon Permit - South Carolina

South Carolina Gun School's Concealed Weapon Permit course covers all legal requirements - and more! 
South Carolina Gun School teaches a SLED approved curriculum to obtain a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit. You must be 21 years of age and a resident of South Carolina to take this class.  You must complete both the written and shooting test with passing scores to be considered for your permit. SLED may take past 90 days to mail your permit to you. This class will cover and answer questions you may have about gun construction, gun handling skills, and questions about the laws. We do fingerprints in the class. All our classes have a NRA Range Safety Officer to assure the safety of our students. We make ourselves available after the class to answer your questions that may come up once you have taken the class.  
Our course offers:
  • Basic firearm construction and operation 
  • Ammunition construction, identification and ballistics 
  • Easy to understand safety rules 
  • Fundamentals of firearm shooting 
  • Proper firearm storage 
  • Use of deadly force and South Carolina firearm laws 
  • Range instruction and demonstrations 
  • Free assistance in filling out CWP 
What you MUST bring:
  • A firearm of any caliber 
  • 50 rounds of factory ammunition 
  • Personal eye and ear protection 
  • A current SC driver license or state ID card 
          (please make sure your DL displays your current address).
Recommended (not required):
  • A belt
  • Holster for your gun
Class Package Includes:
  • Class Instruction
  • Range Fee
  • SLED Licensing package
  • Fingerprinting (extra charge)
Note: The class price does not include the $50 SLED registration fee.
Class Cost: $50
Class Duration: 6-7 hours
Class Registration is required...
South Carolina Gun School

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