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24 Nov

Defensive Handgun

Lytle Creek, CA, USA

November 24, 2019

8:00am - 1:00pm

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Defensive Handgun

    Who should take this class? All gun owners who have completed a Basic Handgun (safety) Course and Intermediate (marksmanship and holster work) Course and believe that a gun is a valuable tool to have when a life-threatening situation arises, or when there is no reasonable expectation of law enforcement for an extended period of time and you have the possibility of the need to use your firearm. That time could be when you are in the wilderness; it could be when you are in your home late at night, it could be in a remote part of a dark parking lot, or anywhere else.

Hopefully that time will never come, but if it does, as it has for some of us, you will find that you are unable to figure out what to do and how to do it. Under the severe stress of a deadly encounter, habits mean everything. Good habits can save your life, and bad ones can get you killed. We will teach you the good ones, eliminate the bad ones, and give full and complete explanations of the difference.

If you have or intend to get a concealed weapon permit, you have a moral responsibility to know what to do with it, especially if your family and loved ones look to you to protect them and keep them safe.

This course is taught by 20-year law enforcement firearms instructors who have been teaching officers, deputies, and agents how to prevail in these situations, and will now share this knowledge with you.

This course is applicable to the self-defense oriented individual and is the next step after the Basic Handgun and Intermediate Course.

What will you learn?

Techniques Introduced and worked on:

• Handgun considerations • Support equipment • Realities of stress associated with life-threatening situations, and shooting techniques to compensate• Tactical presentation of the handgun from the holster to the target and recovery back to the holster • Administrative and in service loading and unloading techniques • Static shooting positions • Drawing from concealment • Multiple shots on one target • Shots on multiple targets • Low-light and darkness techniques  • Shooting on the move• Shooting from the hip, and unsighted techniques • Shooting, reloading, and clearing malfunctions with one hand including the support hand • Weapon retention techniques

You will need:

• Your major caliber pistol (9mm, .40, .45, 10mm) • A strong side holster with thumb-break or other retention device • Double magazine pouch • 2 spare magazines (3 total) • 500 rds of ammunition • Eye & ear protection • A jacket and/or sweater  

   Participants should be prepared to use at least 500 rounds of ammunition. Semi-Automatic users will need 3 magazines and Revolver users will need speed loaders or speed strips.  Don’t forget your eye and ear protection! Hats are a good idea too.  We will be working at an outdoor facility, so dress for the weather. You should pack water or snacks if desired, since there are no facilities nearby.

(depending on the caliber of firearm you have we may have ammunition in stock that you can purchase at a special student discount. Contact us ahead of time and we can include it with your enrollment payment.)

(We reserve the right to require attendee of this course to participate in a firearms skills assessment session prior to admission into this class.)

Students must have completed prior to attending this class an Inland Training Basic Pistol Training Class or some other basic "Handgun Training"  and the Intermediate Handgun Course as well. We do not allow students to attend this training unless we consider them safe and competent at target shooting before they come.

Course Rates:
   Defensive Handgun Course fee is $175.00.

Course Capacity: 
    We limit this course to 4 Students per Instructor maximum to ensure each student obtains the attention and coaching this type of skills building course should provide. (This session may be scheduled with as few as 2 participants)

Course Length:
    Approx 5 Hours

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