30 Mar

Dynamic 2 Gun for Competition

Georgetown, TX, USA

March 30, 2019


The Dynamic 2 Gun for Competition class is a new class geared for the competitive shooter, specifically when it comes to using handguns and carbines in a dynamic shooting competition format.




In this Dynamic 2 Gun class, we will go over techniques for how to be fast and accurate with your handgun and rifle, fluidly (and safely) moving around a stage, transitioning quickly between targets, stage strategies, and more.


If you want to get the competitive edge, this is the class for you.


Class goals & skills covered:


• Have a fun and safe day at the range


• Gear review and critique


• Improve handgun and rifle handling and manipulation


• Controlling a handgun and rifle through recoil


• Transitioning between targets with a rifle and handgun


• Moving between positions and moving while shooting


• Kneeling and prone with a rifle


• Using shooting barricades with a rifle


• Getting quickly in and out of positions


• Analyzing a shooting stage




Gear needed for the class


Safety rated eye protection that provides full protection – normal sunglasses or eye glasses are not recommended

Hearing protection

A working semi automatic handgun

4+ handgun magazines, more couldn’t hurt

A working semi automatic rifle

2+ rifle magazines, more couldn’t hurt

A quality holster

Competition setup: be it belt with mag carriers or a chest carrier

Ammo count TBD

A lunch – bring your own or there will be 1 hour to go get lunch

Closed toe shoes

Fitting clothing that does not leave openings for hot brass to get in

Sunscreen and a hat

Kneepads are optional, but useful for the kneeling section

Dustin Wright

7 Out of 7


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