13 Apr

Dynamics of Defensive Shooting – Hinkley Illinois

Hinckley, IL, USA

April 13, 2019 - April 13, 2019

9:00am - 3:00pm

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Dynamics of Defensive Shooting

Dynamics of Defensive Shooting is our most popular class, perfect for all CCW shooters.

Dynamics of Defensive Shooting is a full day class taught on the range. We start with the basics, so even beginners will be a good fit in this fast-paced program which covers a lot of information. Topics covered include: a review of pistol shooting fundamentals, the defensive shooting mindset, presentation from a holster, rapid front sight target acquisition, reloads and malfunction drills. We also cover: handling multiple threats, basic movement, use of cover and concealment. Cost for this full day is $130
Required gear includes:
• OWB holsters (good quality holster made for your weapon)
• 400 rounds (no hollow points)
• 2 magazines minimum
• Eye and Ear Protection
• Weather permitting clothing for the day of class
Suggested gear includes:
• mag carrier
• knee pads
• extra magazines
• Gloves (weather permitting)
• Hat
• Water and drinks, and some snacks

We look forward to seeing out for training.

Thank you,
Front Sight Solutions Staff

Gary Urbahn

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