08 Apr

HR 218 Qualification

Cortlandt Manor, NY, USA

April 8, 2019 - April 8, 2019

8:30am - 11:00am

Blue Mountain Shooting Range                                                                  183 Watch Hill Rd                                                                          Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567

COST: $60.00 for one firearm or $90.00 for two firearms during the same range visit. You will be issued a hard plastic photo ID upon qualification.

These fees are due regardless of the outcome of the qualification. All fees will be collected prior to firing the qualification course. Should you fail to qualify on the first attempt, you will be provided a 2nd attempt with the same firearm, during that range visit, at no additional charge, unless prevented by extenuating circumstances.

Start time for all dates is 8:45 AM

Each shooter will be required to provide the following items:

Those shooting a semi-auto should bring a MINIMUM of 2 magazines

Those shooting revolvers, IF POSSIBLE, should use a 6 shot service type revolver. 5 shot revolvers are more difficult to qualify with as the course was designed for 6 shot revolvers. 

A valid NEW YORK Pistol Permit or a current HR218 card.

A current retired/separated photo ID from your former department.

A notarized 2019 affidavit (Downloaded from this site)

A safe, functional handgun.

A safe, functional holster. No Blackhawk SERPA, crossdraw, shoulder or ankle holsters.

A minimum of 50 rounds of FACTORY ammunition (no reloads) per firearm.

2 to 4 speed loaders for revolvers & 2 magazines (minimum) for semi-automatics pistols.

Wraparound eye protection & hearing protection.

If you qualify on a revolver, your qualification is good for any revolver. If you qualify on a semi-automatic pistol, your qualification is good for any semi-automatic pistol. If you wish to qualify with both a revolver & semi-automatic pistol, bring one of each weapon type. If you wish to qualify on one weapon, a semi-automatic or a revolver, just bring that one weapon type.


Register here: HR 218 Registration


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