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11 May

Intro To Home Defense Course – Bunnlevel North Carolina

Bunnlevel, NC, USA

May 11, 2019 - May 11, 2019

10:00am - 5:00pm

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Intro To Home Defense Course

This one day introductory course is a perfect complement to the Tactical Shotgun Course or women’s self defense course or the advanced concealed carry courses and is the basis for our Friday Night Fights and Gunfighter Match series. This course covers the basic fundamentals of Close Quarters Battle in a lone- shooter multiple threat scenario and requires that the student  to have already attended a weapons course prior to this or be registered in the Gunfighter or Friday Night Fights series. Class sizes are small so that the maximum time is available to each student for hands on instruction and application drills. This course starts in the classroom and covers basic principles and fundamentals of the gunfight in the home and the application of weapons for defense of the home and then moves to the shoot house for practical hands on training with demonstrations of what effects weapons have in the structures in the home and what is truly cover or just concealment. This course requires the student to engage targets in close proximity, and requires shooting while moving so come prepared for a significant change in the way you have trained before. This course is limited to five students only. This course involves force on force use for training so come prepared to engage others; we will provide all force on force safety gear, training weapons and UTM ammo.

Principles of Close Quarters Battle and Home defense
Fundamentals of the use of cover/concealment
Effects of weapons on building structures
Diminishing over-penetration effects on targets
Clearing a room on the move
Dynamic clearing techniques
Methodical Clearing techniques
Reducing your signature and location
Clearing in depth
Clearing in width
Storage of weapons in the home
Carry positions for the fight
Terminal Ballistics against walls
Holding/barricading a room
Basic room entry
Force On Force Maneuver

Course Requirements
Weapon you carry or have at home (handgun, rifle, shotgun, or all three)
3 magazines
Magazine pouch
Weather dependent clothing (good shoes)
Eye protection
Hearing protection
50 rds of ammo (shotgun ammo is slugs only for live fire in the shoot house)

This course begins at 10 am and ends when we have met the training requirements and standards

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