13 Apr

Intro to Low Light Tactical Engagement Course – Bunnlevel North Carolina

Bunnlevel, NC, USA

April 13, 2019 - April 13, 2019

5:00pm - 9:00pm

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Intro to Low Light Tactical Engagement

The Raidon Tactics Intro to Low Light Tactical Engagement Course is a complimentary course to our tactical Handgun Courses. The student will learn to use external light sources and lasers in the tactical setting. The student will engage targets in both low light and no light situations on the range using lights and lasers in conjunction with handguns. This is something few people have actually done. Attendance to this course requires the attendance of a previous firearms course with the Handgun courses that we provide. Class sizes are small so that the maximum time is available to each student for hands-on instruction and application drills. This course starts in the classroom and covers principles and techniques of the application of light and lasers in NO light situations. It then moves outside to the range for the practical application of those new skills once the student has gotten a grasp of the physical skills required. This course is limited to 10 students only.

  • Skills Taught
    Principles of use of lights in Close Quarters Battle and Tactical Urban engagements
    Techniques for use of handheld lights with the handgun
    Techniques for use of weapon mounted lights and lasers with the handgun
  • Course Requirements
    Weapon you carry (handgun)
    3 magazines
    Magazine pouch
    Hand Held Flashlight pouch
    Weather dependent clothing (good shoes)
    Eye protection
    Hearing protection
    Handheld Tactical Flashlight with lanyard attached
    Weapon mounted Tactical light with pressure switches
    Weapon Mounted Laser (optional)
    250 rds of ammunition for the weapons system you intend to use.

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