20 Jun

Low Light Pistol

Lincoln, California, USA

June 20, 2020 - June 20, 2020

5:00pm - 1:00am


This course will teach and introduce students to the following:

– why lowlight training is important, its applications/implications, and how the human body operates in low light environments.

– equipment considerations in regards to pistol sights, weapon lights, and handheld lights.

– proper handheld and weapon mounted light use and technique.

– techniques for searching and identifying threats.



– reliable handgun (semiauto or revolver) with a minimum of three magazines or four speed loaders.

– quality holster designed for your pistol, capable of holstering one handed (no SERPAs or overly worn leather)

– reliable handheld flashlight (and a backup if available)

– two (2x) chem lights/glow sticks

– extra batteries for your lights

– clear eye protection

– ear pro (electronic preferred)

– 250 rounds of pistol ammunition

– clothing for the weather (we’ll train rain or shine)

– snacks and water

– note taking material


Optional Equipment

– weapon mounted light

– headlamp

– ball cap

– gloves

– knee pads

– rain gear



Jason Paletta

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