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09 May

LTC “License to Carry” Class – Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine, TX, USA

May 9, 2020 - May 9, 2020

8:00am - 2:30pm

Register HERE - Click this link to sign up

LTC "License to Carry" Class


The Rec of Grapevine (Grapevive Recreation Center) 
1175 Municipal Way 
Grapevine, Tx 76051

Registration is directly through the Grapevine Rec Center 817.410.3450 

The classroom portion of the LTC/CHL class may be from four to six hours. We have re-structured our lesson plan to accommodate the demand for a shorter class, but have never been motivated to provide our clients with the minimum level of training in anything we do. In order to share our experiences and send you home prepared our classes run 5 to 6 hours in the classroom plus the range.

You will be eat on site while I continue to teach. Please bring your lunch.

Shooting Proficiency
The shooting proficiency (qualification) will be conducted after the classroom and written exam is completed. We will go to the Shoot Smart indoor range in Grand Prairie to conduct the shooting proficiency. They welcome our business but do not allow us to reserve space. The duration of time at the range is variable and beyond our control. Students have the option of conducting the shooting proficiencey on a different day by scheduling a private lesson (see below) or by appointment at no extra charge on the Friday before class. 

Range Location 
Shoot Smart
2440 W. Main St.
Grand Prairie, Tx 75050

Class    $89  
Range fees extra - Please bring $15 per shooter for the instructor.

Equipment Needed
You need an unloaded handgun in a case, eye and ear protection, and 50 rounds of ammo. You will not need a holster. The REC requires firearms remain in your vehicle during class. 

Handgun Requirements
2017 legislation removed the caliber requirement for the LTC proficiency - in other words, you may use any handgun of any caliber to take the shooting test (no laser sight may be used). There is no longer a restriction on your license if you qualify with a revolver. Simply put you may use either for the test and carry whatever you want.   

* I will have a Walther PPQ .22 and a Glock 19 9mm available for your use at no charge., however ammo is extra (9mm = $14 per 50 rnd. box / .22 = $8 per box).  

 Course Outline

  • Range Procedures and Firearms Proficiency
  • Texas Concealed Carry Laws 
  • Use of Force Laws (Self Defense)
  • Handgun and Holster Selection 
  • Firearms Safety and Safe Firearms Storage  
  • Situational Awarenes
  • Non- Violent Dispute Resolution  
  • Review and Written Test


 * Please Note 
This class is for students who are already proficient handling and shooting their handgun. If you are new to shooting please make arrangements for a private lesson.



You Must Register Directly Through The Grapevine Recreation Center

To Register: Call the staff at 817.410.3450 during business hours.   


Optional Private Lessons

  • Private Lessons are $120 for two hours and may be shared with one other person. Range fees are $15 per person and ammo is not included in the price. For students who do not own a firearm, this is a great opportunity to try a few different handguns before making a selection. Private Lessons are only available on weekdays between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. Email to schedule a lesson.  

     If you take a private lesson – you will take your LTC qualification during the lesson. If you pass during your lesson, you will not need to qualify on the day of the class.  Most students schedule their lesson before the LTC class, but it could be completed after as well. 

Continuing Education
We also encourage everyone to improve their preparation by taking advantage of our other training courses. We consider the Combat Mindset seminar and Defensive Handgun to be essential training for armed citizens. 


Michael Duff

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