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21 Sep

Pistol Crisis Mitigation/Contact Threat Mitigation

Culpeper, VA, USA

September 21, 2019 - September 22, 2019

8:00am - 5:00pm




This is a one-day course that will push the student in problem-solving with their handgun. It brings home the importance of one-handed pistol manipulation utilizing strong side and support side while engaging single and multiple targets. The student will leave the course with an understanding of gear placement and what works in unconventional shooting situations.


Prerequisites: Pistol 1 or similar course from a reputable instructor


Equipment List:



-3 magazines or speed loaders

-Magazine pouches

-Round count: 300-500




Though it’s important to practice at farther distances, FBI statistics bring gunfighting at much closer distances. Approximately 90% of gunfights occur at contact within 15 feet, and approximately 40% of those were in contact at just 3 feet. This course focuses on quickly clearing your holster and effectively delivering combat effective hits using alternate sighting methods and getting off the line of attack at those close distances.


Prerequisites: Pistol 1 or equivalent course from a reputable instructor.


Equipment List:


-3 magazines

-Magazine pouches



-Round count: 500



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