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08 Nov

Progressive Carbine 5; Extreme Engagements (PC5)

Las Vegas, NV, USA

November 8, 2019

8:00am - 4:00pm


Lethal encounters often follow few rules. Distances, numbers and injuries are far from fair. Thus the unthinkable must be planned and properly trained for. If the fight occurs against multiple threats, while you are injured, or close enough to fit in a closet, this course will better prepare you.


Training topics include a Combative Manipulations review, One-Handed Operation, Fighting While Injured, Close-Contact Engagement, Carbine Combatives, Extended Range Engagement, Partial Exposure Threats, Multiple Threat Engagement, and complex shooting drills.

Student Equipment:

  1. Standard range attire while conducting firearms training; weather-appropriate active-wear, brimmed hat, quality shoes or boots etc.
  2. Semi-automatic carbine w/at least three (30 round) magazines.
  3. 500 rounds of quality carbine ammunition for each day of training.
  4. Carbine magazine pouches/carry system (belt or chest mounted).
  5. Semi-automatic pistol w/ at least 2 magazines.
  6. Dominant-side belt holster and support-side magazine carrier ***
  7. 100 rounds of quality pistol ammunition each day of training for PC 2, 3, and 4 (No handgun ammunition is required for PC 1).
  8. Hearing protection.
  9. Eye protection.
  10. Knee and/or elbow pads (if desired).
  11. Sunscreen (if desired).
  12. Carbine Sling (if desired, NOT required).

*** Blackhawk Serpa model holsters are strictly prohibited during live fire range training and banned in all PFC Training classes for safety reasons. For copies of PFC’s and the Federal Government’s policies regarding the use of Blackhawk Serpa holsters, contact PFC HQ.


Enrollment: Open to qualified citizens, law enforcement, security personnel, Department of Defense, and government agencies/contractors.



Pre-requisite: Progressive Carbine 1.


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