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21 Oct

Progressive Handgun 1 – Fighting Foundation (PH1)

Las Vegas, NV, USA

October 21, 2019 - October 21, 2019

8:00am - 4:00pm


PH1 represents the cutting edge of combative pistol performance with an emphasis on engagement skills and personal defense scenarios.


This course is the cornerstone of the PFC Progressive Handgun Series and aims to teach students the tactical fundamentals and a fighting mindset.


Training includes the handgun system and effective support gear, use-of-force doctrine, administrative gun-handling, fundamentals of shot placement, Combative Marksmanship, PFC Shooting Responses, ready & carry positions, handgun presentations (from open carry and concealment), combative gun-handling skills, Emergency & Deliberate Reloads, malfunction clearance techniques (Re-function Drills), Bilateral Handgun Operation, After-Action Ready Measures, close-range gunfight reaction drills, live fire skill-building exercises, and performance-based handgun drilling designed to prep students for PH2 through PH5.


Pre-requisite: None


Enrollment: Open


Required Student Equipment:

  1. Serviceable semi-automatic pistol.
  2. 500 rounds (estimated) of serviceable pistol ammunition.
  3. Dominant-Side Belt or Paddle Holster ***
  4. Three (3) pistol magazines and 2 magazine pouches (minimum).
  5. Hearing Protection and Eye Protection (to include clear eye protection for training after dusk).
  6. Hat with Brim.
  7. Clothing appropriate for outdoor range environment and weather conditions.
  8. Concealment Garment (if desired).


*** Blackhawk Serpa model holsters (and/or SIMILAR) are strictly prohibited during live fire range training and banned in all PFC Training classes for safety reasons. For copies of PFC’s and the Federal Government’s policies regarding the use of Blackhawk Serpa holsters, contact PFC HQ.


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