06 Oct

Progressive Shotgun 23 – Custom Course

Azusa, CA, USA

October 6, 2019 - October 6, 2019

8:00am - 4:00pm


This hybrid course featuring a mix of PS2 and PS3 skills includes training in positions, barricade tactics, and movement. 


Extended ranges, angles of engagement, injuries, and barricades often require use of special positions and tactics to maximize fighting effectiveness. The proper understanding of mechanics, assumption, stability, protection, adaptation, and improvisation can dictate the outcome of a fight.


Morning training includes a Combative Manipulations review, the Kneeling Series, the Guard Series, the Fetal Series, forward & vertical assumption methods, bilateral applications, and Principles of Using Barricades.  In the absence of cover, movement itself affords you protection.


Movement methods taught in this course aim to create gunfighters that can proactively employ motion in a controlled, balanced, and dynamic manner that pushes adversaries to exploitable errors. Movement topics presented include Moving Manipulations, the Reactive Turn Series, the Reactive Step Series, Shooting-on-the-Move, and dynamic moving & shooting exercises.

PFC Training

Chris Fry

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10 Out of 10


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