07 Dec

RDS – Red Dot Sight Handgun

Ferris, TX, USA

December 7, 2019

9:00am - 5:00pm

The RDS – Red Dot Sight offers many advantages for the handgun shooter. Most shooters are more accurate with the RDS, especially at longer distances. Proper aiming of the RDS requires Target / Threat focus, which is both a benefit during lethal engagements and consistent with our natural threat response. The ‘dot’ also provides valuable feedback identifying inefficiencies in our shooting mechanics.    

For most the transition to red dot sights on rifles was intuitive, but on the handgun there is more of a learning curve. Shooters who try to figure it out on their own are often frustrated. Difficulty ‘finding the dot’ is a common complaint. This class will accelerate your learning curve and success with the RDS handgun with industry leading instructional methods.

Class Outline: 

·       RDS Zeroing

·       Dot Acquisition & Presentations

From - Draw, Ready, Reloads 

·       Fine Tuning Handgun Mechanics 

·       Using Target Focus

·       Dot Diagnostics & Shooter Mechanics  

·       Dot Malfunctions and Remedies

Equipment needed: 

__ Handgun with Mounted Red Dot Sight  

__ 600 Rounds of Ammo 

__ Sturdy Belt & Holster* (Concealed or Open Carry) 

__ Hearing and Eye Protection 

__ Clothing Suitable for Weather & Outdoors 
__ Lunch (there are no stores on sight)

*For Safety - Holster must be sturdy, rigid, and maintain an open shape when the gun is drawn
Kydex recommended, Retention is not required. IWB or OWB acceptable. 
Serpa Holsters are NOT allowed.  


Prior trainng is not required, but you must be competent and safe while handling, loading, and shooting your firearm.  

Safe weapons handling is more important than your marksmanship skills. 
Attendees exhibiting unsafe weapons handling will be removed from training. 

Michael Duff

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10 Out of 10


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