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11 May

Safety Team Skills Firearms Training – Ferris, Texas

Ferris, TX, USA

May 11, 2019 - May 11, 2019

9:00am - 5:00pm

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Safety Team Skills Firearms Training                                            

Since September 1, 2017 Texas Law permits places of worship to organize volunteers holding LTCs to provide protection on their premise. The presence of responsibly armed citizens can allow for an immediate defense to an armed intruder. While there is no legal requirement for the volunteers to receive additional training beyond the license to carry class, most organizations recognize the elevated risk of lethal engagements in crowded environment. For organizations seeking to improve the capabilities of their volunteers while mitigating the risk of their response – training is the answer. I have outlined some recommended training classes to meet this need. 

The curriculum is based on decades spent designing, analyzing, and updating training provided to officers, SWAT teams, and armed citizens. Student performance will be evaluated through performance evaluations and shooting qualifications to guide administrators with team selection considerations.   

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Team Skills Firearms Training - 8 hours                                                     TEAM_Crowd.jpg

Ø    Marksmanship Fundamentals                    

Ø    Open and Concealed Draws

Ø Ready & Carry Positions in Crowds   

Ø    Pivots and Movement   

Ø    Threat Identification   

Ø    Angles of Engagement – 
              reducing danger to bystanders

Ø    Qualification & Performance Evaluation 

$175 per student - 4 person minimum  



Team Skills Firearms Training  
This intermediate training is suitable for CHL/LTC holders. Students will benefit from an updated presentation of marksmanship fundamentals. Skills specifically selected for the team's mission will be presented, beginning with open then concealed draws. Tactics vital to real world encounters in a public setting include safe carry, ready positions, pivots, movement around others, and using angles to minimize bystander danger. 

Documented Performance Appraisal
Individual skill performances of safe handling, carry positions, draws, and threat identification will be evaluated on a pass / fail basis.  This provides administrators with documentation of safe firearms handling around team mates and bystanders. 

A shooting proficiency course designed to test marksmanship and weapons handling relevant to safety team conditions will be administered. This graded qualification provides documentation for shooters who meet the course standard.  

Prior training is not required, but you must be competent and safe while handling, loading, and shooting your firearm. Participants will be moving and shooting.

Safe weapons handling is more important than your marksmanship skills. 
Attendees exhibiting unsafe weapons handling will be removed from training. 

Equipment needed:


  • Handgun 
  • 300 - 350 Rounds of Ammo 
  • Concealed Carry or Duty Holster*
  • Sturdy Belt
  • Hearing and Eye Protection 
  • Clothing Suitable for Weather Outdoors
  • An under shirt and outer shirt are recommended for Concealed Draw techniques
  • Lunch (there are no facilities on site)


 *For Safety - Holster must be sturdy, rigid, and maintain an open shape when the gun is drawn. Sturdy leather or kydex construction is recommended. Retention is not necessary. 
Either IWB (Inside Waistband) or OWB (Outside Waistband) are acceptable. 


   Serpa Holsters are NOT recommended. 

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