24 Feb

Tactical Medicine

Georgetown, TX, USA

February 24, 2019 - February 24, 2019

9:00am - 5:00pm

This world we live in is quickly becoming a very unpredictable one. With mass shootings, mass stabbings, terrorist threats, and the possibility of explosive devices as seen with the recent Austin bombings, understanding traumatic injuries, blast injuries, and more importantly hemorrhage control while remaining combat effective in both hostile and austere environments is rapidly becoming a critical skill set for the civilian. When a situation goes kinetic you must be able to act quickly and have the knowledge and tools to render aid as quickly as possible, yet stay in the fight if a threat still exists. The sole aim of this course is to give you, the armed citizen, the ability to administer tactical first aid on yourself, your family, and, or other victims of violence while remaining combat effective. The skills we will teach you here are the latest techniques from both the Tactical and EMS First Response realms, including the FEMA TECC guidelines currently being implemented. We only teach evidence based medicine here. Tactics and techniques proven both on the battlefield and the street.

This course will be ran by EMS Special Operations Personnel with over 25 years of experience.

Topics Covered:

  • Discussion of new TECC civilian guidelines.
  • Rapid trauma assessment,
  • Triage considerations,
  • Care under fire
  • Patient movement considerations
  • Interfacing with Law Enforcement, EMS, and First Responders including thoughts on not being seen as a threat
  • Wound recognition
  • Bleeding control
  • Wound packing,
  • Treatment of sucking chest wounds and discussion of different types of chest seals.
  • Proper placement and application of tourniquets
  • Types of tourniquets
  • Scenario based shooting drills

Course Requirements:

  • Serviceable Handgun
  • Rentals available!
  • Concealed Carry Rig (Must demonstrate safe operation) to include Pistol/Holster- NO SERPA HOLSTERS unless mandated by unit or agency.
  • Body Armor (Optional)
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Close Toe Shoes, Hat, Long Pants
  • Water/Snacks/Lunch
  • Note taking material
  • Weather Appropriate Gear/Sunscreen (Seasonal)
  • Weapons cleaning equipment
  • 200 rounds of pistol ammunition-NO RELOADS

Dustin Wright


15 Out of 15


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