Finding the right defensive handgun for my mom: Despite what some in the media are saying, more people I know are getting into guns for the first time. My mother is in that growing number and I have been on a long journey with her trying to find a good handgun for her to carry.

The complication is that she has weakness in her hands and wrists from arthritis. We went through a few guns before we found something that worked for her.

We started with a Glock 19. The recoil was too much for her as a beginner, and her hands were too weak to rack the slide. It can be a process finding the right defensive handgun.

We transitioned next to a Taurus model 85, ultra light .38 special. She liked shooting it with light loads in single action, but pulling the hammer back was difficult for her as well as training to shoot it in double action.

We took a big step down to a Ruger SR22. She liked this gun for awhile. Light recoil, an easy to use trigger and a light recoil spring that made it easy to manipulate all came together for a good combination for her. She spent about 2 years learning to use the gun, practicing her grip and trigger control during a handful of training classes. As time went on, her skills improved and we decided that she could look for another 9mm.

After shopping around, she settled on a Sig Sauer P938. The slide is easier to manipulate on this gun than a lot of comparable models. But what really made the difference for her is the training and practice that she put in to get her skills to the point where should could properly handle a semi automatic handgun.


Finding the right defensive handgun for my mom
SIG-Sauer P938

With proper technique and plenty of practice, she was able to overcome her physical handicap that was holding her back. She is very proud of herself now and even more proud of her beautiful piece of hardware.

It just goes to show you how important training is!

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