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Inland Training offers training classes in Rancho Cucamonga, California

California has a complex web of gun laws but that doesn't mean it's too difficult to purchase a gun and train with it.  While the restrictions are cumbersome (and an infringement!), there are resources on the web to help you navigate them.  Once you've gotten over the hurdle of acquiring your firearm, it's time to start thinking about training.  Whether you are a beginner taking your first lesson, or an experienced professional looking to honing your skills, Firearms Training Central can help you find the instructor you are looking for.  California is the most populous state in the country, and Firearms Training Central has over 70 instructor listings across the state.

Firearms Training Central highly encourages all gun owners to not only safely handle and store their guns but to also seek out regular training with their guns, whether it's a pistol training class for self defense, a precision rifle class for hunting, or a tactical carbine class for patrol work. We recommend at a minimum to take at least two shooting classes per year to stay proficient as well as working on your skills regularly, both at home and on the range. If you have family members it is a great way to get them out and learn about responsible gun ownership and the basics of using your firearms in a safely. We strongly encourage you contact some of the instructors that you can find here at Firearms Training Central and ask questions.

In many counties in California, it is possible to get your conceal carry permit if you follow the rules and laws of the county.  CCW training classes are offered by many instructors across the state.

Here are some resources for organizations who help California gun owners stay up to date with changing laws, legislation and gun owner associations.

California Gun Laws


California Rifle and Pistol Association

Gun Owners of California

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