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top Gun Instructors In GeorgiaGeorgia doesn't have any requirements for firearms training to obtain your Georgia Weapons License which can be obtained from your county superior court. This just means that you need to be able to pass a GBI background check to apply for your GWL and then after you are fingerprinted and your application is processed you should receive your Georgia Weapons License in four to six weeks in the mail. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't seek quality gun training. Below is a list of some of the best firearms instructors in the state of Georgia.

We highly encourage all gun owners to not only safely handle and store their guns but to also seek out regular training with their holster and pistol. We recommend at a minimum to take at least two classes per year to stay proficient as well as visiting a local gun range at least every six weeks to keep your skills sharp. If you have family members it is a great way yo get them out and learn about responsible gun ownership and the basics of operating your firearms in a safe manner. We strongly encourage you contact some of the instructors and ask questions. It can seem intimidating to take your first class but like anything else, once you get past the initial instruction and the nerves loosen you will find that you just might really enjoy learning something new that you can put into practice each time you are at the range.

  • Here are some resources for organizations who help Georgia gun owners stay up to date with changing laws, legislation and activism.

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