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chris Valenzuela - Brass Training SolutionsJosh from Firearms Training Central sat down with Chris Valenzuela, aka ‘Val’ from Spent Brass Training Solutions, to talk about the firearms training industry, medical training, passion and the future of where the training industry is heading. We had a lot of questions we threw at Val, and he was able to shed a lot of light on some general questions about the training industry as a whole and how he views the landscape and what to look out for when you are looking to take that next bad ass tactical training class that will elevate your awareness and abilities to that equal to nothing less of Superman. Ok, but seriously, we had a great time discussing everything from Val’s background and training to what he’s doing now and why he decided to go the “training” route for the next stage of his career.

When “Val” isn’t teaching “shooting” classes he is spending time with civilians and industry responders on medical and trauma education which is another passion of his. We dove down into that as we view it is often an overlooked area for training and and education. It is more likely that you will come across a situation where trauma medical training could save more lives than simply just self defense for personal protection. Spent Brass Training Solutions

Chris “VAL” Valenzuela is the founder of and current Lead instructor of Spent Brass Training Solutions, LLC. Chris is currently a NAEMT Affiliate Faculty member, Course coordinator and Instructor for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technician’s Tactical Combat Casualty Care series of programs in California. As a former High Threat Security Contractor for an exceedingly reputable Private Security Company in Iraq, he has provided Close Protection (CP) as a Personal Security Detail (PSD) member, and team medic. Chris was the Lead Tactics and Weapons instructor to not only other PSD teammates and teams, but to Expats and Third Country Nationals of the host country’s nation as well.

We love taking the time to sit down and talk about all the different types of experiences students can expect when training with different instructors for different disciplines. Val has a heavy background in tactical training as well as medical and trauma response.

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Please enjoy the interview that Val was gracious enough to grant us. If you have any questions feel free to post them up below and we will answer accordingly.



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