When the temperature drops and the motivation to pack up the range bag goes missing in action, how do you keep your skills from getting cold?  Dan Lanotte of Falcon Personal Security in Falcon, Colorado has written a very insightful blog on how to maintain your skills when Mother Nature plots against you.  His tips are fundamental practices during any time of year, but they become extra important when they are your only practice for a stretch.

Don’t let your skills drop with the thermometer.

What are you doing to maintain proficiency with your every day carry (EDC) during the winter? For those of you who carry on a daily basis, let’s think about your daily routine. When you get ready to go out the door to work, the market or whatever your destination, you retrieve your EDC and check the condition, magazine loaded and inserted in the mag well, you rack the slide and do a chamber check and magazine check, and lastly, carefully holster it. You then check the condition of your spare magazine and put it in its pouch.

Take a few minutes and go read the full post, and then commit the steps to memory and to practice.

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