First of all, thank you for coming this far!  You’re on your way to building your business opportunities as well as promoting the necessity of quality firearms training.

The vision for the No Bullsh*t Gun Series is to create a signature gun package that emphasizes training over fancy (some might say useless?) accessories for your carry gun.  While there’s nothing wrong with a $2500 Glock, good instructors know that you CANNOT BUY SKILL.

The No Bullsh*t Gun Series was conceived by Firearms Training Central and Guns For Everyone.  Our vision is to build a package for a gun buyer that includes exactly what you need to get started with firearms proficiency; a quality handgun, factory magazines, a quality holster, 300 rounds of ammunition, and a discounted coupon for a training class with a local instructor.  This is where you come in.

We are looking for instructors who are interested in participating in this package by providing one 20% coupon for one of your courses for every purchase of this package.  Each buyer would have access to a select list of participating instructors, and would redeem their 20% off discount upon payment to their instructor for an upcoming class.  

What’s in it for you?  As a participant in this campaign, your company will benefit from extended exposure across multiple platforms including social media, SEO strategies, email marketing and more.  This campaign will be promoted, in part, using our database of over 30,000 Coloradans who have attended some type of firearms training in the last 8 years.  We will also be partnering with nationally known instructors and training advocates as we roll the product out nationwide later this year.  We’ll also be working with manufacturers to tailor this package to customer needs.

Our projected launch date is March 1st, 2019.  We will be kicking off with a giveaway of one of the gun packages.  If you are interested in joining this campaign, then we’ll need you to act fast!

Let’s work together to promote quality firearms training across our great state!  If you are ready to join this campaign, please send an email to ASAP!